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Scaventour™ Inside Threat Game

Want to do a game inside your office space?

Contact us to set up a site visit so we can see if we can set up a game for your company, in your space, using many things that already exist as clues.

Example storyline: An anonymous whistleblower has discovered a plot to sell company secrets to a competitor. You have a limited amount of time, so the CEO splits you into teams and you will compete to see who can solve the mystery first.

Teams will be engaged in at least 18 challenges in this 60-90 minute game. The Inside Threat game is great for Corporate Team Building, or could be modified to be played at a church or school (the corporate espioniage theme can be changed to fit your company). Winners will get a coveted Scaventour challenge coin.

Please Contact for scheduling.

Pricing is $350 per team (3 teams minimum) and $500 for game setup.

Inside Threat Coin for the victorious team

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