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Scaventour™ King's Battle

Looking for things to do in Waikiki? How about fighting in the King's Battle Scaventour game?

The battle game is much more intense than the Scaventour Duke's Revenge and Tourist Trap games. Groups will be split in up to teams (we can do up to 10 teams of 10 ... but the game is really optimized for 5 teams of 7 or 8). When the game begins, each team will start in a different sector. They will have 10 minutes to solve their assigned puzzles. They are scored on time and how many puzzles solved in the 10 minute period. Successfully solving all of the puzzles will earn a Power Card. Power Cards can give teams a reward (extra points possible in the next round) or can allow them to sabotage opposing teams (send 2 opposing players on a side quest and then steal their points). The multi-round game includes puzzles that range in levels of difficulty, so teams have to use strategy to decide how to approach each round.

Teams will be engaged in 25 challenges in this 90 minute game. The battle is a great opportunity for college students, military, bridal parties (the bridesmaids vs. the groomsmen ... or mix and match for an icebreaker), or for Corporate Team Building. Winners will get a coveted Scaventour challenge coin.

We have one game in Waikiki (on Kalakaua Ave from Seaside to Kaiulani) and another game on Fort Street Mall downtown. The Game in Waikiki can be held starting as late as 6 PM, while the latest starting time for the Fort Street Mall game is 4 PM).

The battle game has an optional halftime where teams can go grab a beer, strategize, and come back in 30 minutes, fully rested and ready to compete.

Please Contact for scheduling. If you look at the booking calendar, the time shown is always 11 AM ... that is just a holding time. If you want to book for a different time, we can adjust the time based on your needs (provided we don't have a conflict on the schedule).

Power Cards

Team Bride vs. Team Groom

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