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Roughly 30% of clients in Escape games are Corporate clients who see the escape game as a team building event. Scaventour™ offers an excellent opportunity to bring the team together.

Our newest game is the Scaventour™ Lost Key - Waikiki game on the east side of Waikiki (near the Zoo). This is a game where you can have teams of 4-8 players competing against each other to see who can open the safe. The game can be set up as competitive (where 1 team will win) or could be set up where every team gets the opportunity to open the safe to win. We have also successfully set this game up at other locations to meet corporate team building needs. Let us know if you are interested in having a game either at your location, or in a public area closer to where your employees are working -- or near the hotel your folks are staying for a conference.

The Scaventour™ Cryptic Murder game is a competitive game where your group is split into teams of 4 or 5 people per team and they have 90 minutes to solve a murder. The main game takes place in central Waikiki (Beachwalk to Duke's Lane). Teams are scored on their ability to solve simple and complex puzzles that will allow them to deduce which of the suspects is the killer.

Alternately, the Scaventour™ Cryptic Murder game can be played at other locations, including inside your corporate office (or school, or church, or anywhere you can put a group together .... including your home). Contact for more information

The Scaventour™ Double Agents game is a larger scale game for 60-750 participants. It is a great way to get your company outside in a 90-120 minute game designed to determine the identity of the double agent.

Although we are currently not running the the Scaventour™ Battle, you can contact us to see if we can set up a Battle for your group. It is is the perfect event for local employees as well as companies who may be looking for things to do in Honolulu while attending a retreat or convention at the Hawaii Convention Center. The Battle can pit up to 6 teams of 5-8 players against each other in the Waikiki or Downtown on Fort Street Mall. Scaventour™ can accommodate up to 2 Battles in a day. Battles require wits, communication, strategy, and teamwork. Teams have to understand the capabilities of each of their individual players in order to get the most out of them. With over 1500 players completing the Battle, it is a very popular option for team building. Check out the Battle page for more information, including pricing.

The games create situations where the team must communicate effectively wile working together. Teams that can think creatively and develop strategies that are useful in the real world.

We can also create a custom game for you at another location (given enough lead time).

The games are a great way to explore Waikiki as a team and get a little exercise. The game course for Tourist Trap and Duke's Revenge covers 1.5 miles, so the participants will need to wear comfortable shoes, but will leave the game feeling great about their team building experience.

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