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Scaventour™ Double Agent Game

Looking for a bigger game?

Contact us to set up a the Double Agent's Scaventour game, which can be done for 100-500 people.

Storyline: The Agency has been infiltrated by Double Agents and you must find them. Explore Waikiki in teams of 4-6 people, trying to find the secret agents, in order to determine which of the agents are Double Agents.

Teams will be engaged in at least 18-24 challenges in this 90 minute game, some mental and some lightly physical (example: trying to throw frisbees into a target that is 10 yards away -- Note, the game is modified based on the number of teams playing, so there may be more or less physical challenges, as well as more or less live Secret Agents, depending on the game size). Teams will be scored on the number of agents they find, the amount of time it takes to solve the puzzles or challenges presented by the agents, and their ability to determine the Double Agent's identity.

The Double Agents game is great for Corporate Team Building or perhaps an event for a conference in Waikiki.

Winners will get a coveted Scaventour challenge coin.

Please Contact for scheduling.

Pricing is $19-$24 per person (depending on the size of the game and the game options)

Double Agents Coin for the victorious team

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