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Scaventour™ Lost Key - Waikiki Game

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This game can be booked online (which is how smaller groups normally book) or you can contact us if you want to set up a larger Scaventour™ Lost Key Waikiki Game, which can be done for up to 400 people (or as few as 8). This game takes place on the East side of Waikiki near Kapiolani Park and the Waikiki Zoo. It is a competitive game where each team of 4 to 8 people work together to try to solve the 16 puzzles to get an attempt to open the safe. It can also be set up as a custom game at a location of your choice for large corporate team building events.

This is also our most "forgiving" large group game in terms of the opportunity to win. The 16 puzzles are split into 2 groups of each with each puzzle having a sister puzzle. So if you have difficulty solving one puzzle, as long as you can solve it's sister, you have a chance at getting the right number to open the safe.

Storyline: When your uncle died, he left behind a fortune, but hid the key and requires you to find it by solving a series of puzzles.

This Waikiki-based game is designed for team building with 4 person teams attempting to solve this mystery before time runs out.

The Scaventour™Lost Key Game takes your group and splits them into up to 50 teams of 4 - 8 people in order to determine the combination to your Uncle's safe (up to 400 people).

Note: We did a version of this game starting near the Hilton Hawaiian Village for 350 people, so it is a good game for very large groups.

The game can be played any time of day (between 9 AM and 8 PM). If you have a time you wish to play that is not shown on the calendar, send us a text at 808-373-6869 or fill our our Contact form and we can see if we can make it available. Depending on how the game is setup, it will be either 75 minutes or 90 minutes of play time. There is normally an additional 15 minutes on the front and back end for giving out the instructions / scoring the game and awarding the poker chip to the winner, so we usually tell groups to plan for an hour and a half to an hour and forty five minutes for the event.

Your uncle was a big fan of Buddy Holly, which has a small remembrance on the poker chip. Each team will be given a packet of 16 puzzles, a map, and a scoresheet. Hyper-competitive teams can split up to get the information to solve the puzzles faster, with only half the puzzles needed to be solved to actually win the game.

Throughout the 75-90 minute game, teams explore eastern Waikiki (generally from Kapiolani Park to Paoakalani Ave), walking around one mile in search of answers to their puzzles. Successfully solving a puzzle will give them one of the 8 numbers needed to open the safe to find the Lost Key.

Teams will solve puzzles while engaging in tasks such as correlation, observation & discernment, compartmentalism, pattern recognition, spatial patterns, communication, and logic deduction (with a little bit of math). It will take the entire team’s efforts in order to be successful in winning the game.

Teams will be scored on their ability to answer the puzzles correctly. Puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty (rated based on previous player’s performance), with some puzzles quite simple and some very challenging.

The game can is accessible for people who are in wheelchairs.

The Lost Key game is great for Corporate Team Building or perhaps an event for a conference in Waikiki, having done it for several large groups, including a group of 350 people.

Winners will get a coveted Scaventour poker chip.

$29 per person. The group will be split into teams of 4-8 people per team. Minimum 8 players. Games with 4 or 5 people will only be 1 team working together. If you are booking a larger group, after you book, please let us know if you want to play with 4 people per team or 8 per team.

Optionally, we can set up this game at your location, creating a custom game. This is significantly more expensive, but we have on multiple occasions created games for people at their own venues or around hotels they are staying at for a conference.

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