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Scaventour™ Menehune Marvels

A Video / Photo Scavenger Hunt

Price: $49 per game for 1 person. $5 for each additional person, up to 5 people

Up to 4 teams per game; Duration: 60 minutes

We are now offering a brand new game called "Menehune Marvels." It is a video and photo scavenger hunt with questions about sites along the way.

For the game that starts and ends near the Honolulu Zoo in Waikiki, Book online now!

We also have some other custom games we have set up that we could offer if you would like one at a different location (like Fort Derussy Park or Magic Island Beach Park).

Contact us for more information about custom Menehune Marvels games which can be done for up to 1250 people.

Essentially, this is an ultra-modern version of a scavenger hunt game. In this game, your team will have a list of places to walk to, and along the way, they will be asked to find things (and take pictures of them) or ... and this is what this game is known for ... to perform tasks and make short videos.

Here are some examples:

Take a photo of an inflatable swan on the beach or in the water.
Snap a picture of a license plate that isn't from Hawaii.
Take the words on a specific plaque and sing it to the tune of your favorite song.
Find the statue of Duke Kahanamoku and enter in the number of medals he won in the olympics.
Take a video of 2 members of your group doing the Macarena dance in front of a tsunami warning sign.
Find a bus stop. Take a video of one or more of your teammates miming while waiting for the bus. Things to include in the mime: Checking the Time Repeatedly, Looking Down the Road, and Reacting to False Alarms.

There are a lot of fun things that people can do, but this is mostly about making you the star of the game since you have the opportunity to be creative and perform.

One fun part is that all of the tasks have points assigned to them, with the harder tasks having more points. For games where there are two or more teams, our staff will see a live activity feed where we can assign bonus points for the best submissions, and one team can win the game based on the scores at the end.

For the group games, we can also provide all of the submissions to the group at the end for everyone to share and enjoy.

According to Wikipedia, "The Menehune are a mythological race of dwarf people in Hawaiian tradition who are said to live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, hidden and far away from human settlements. The Menehune are described as superb craftspeople. They built temples (heiau), fishponds, roads, canoes, and houses. Some of these structures that Hawaiian folklore attributed to the Menehune still exist. They are said to have lived in Hawaiʻi before settlers arrived from Polynesia many centuries ago."

We chose to feature them in this game, imagining that they are behind building all the great things we see in Hawaii. So, this game is a chance to explore Waikiki as a group and appreciate the things the Menehune built.

If you need a game that is accessible for people who are in wheelchairs, we can create a version that has the same number of tasks but limits those that would require you to walk on the beach, for instance.

Menehune Marvels is great for Corporate Team Building or perhaps an event for a conference in Waikiki. This is a game that we can customize for just about any location with a couple week's notice to scout the area.

Note, this game will require you to have a charged iPhone or Android phone, download an app, and have Google Maps app installed. Consequently, it could result in data charges depending on your data plan. Only one person per team is required to have a phone, but in practice we have found that it is best if every member of the team has the app downloaded.

Additionally, this game may or may not have a gamemaster who will meet you for the execution of the game. For larger groups we will always have a gamemaster, but for smaller groups, we can do the gamemaster tasks remotely.

Please Contact for scheduling.

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